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Please read the instructions before playing for a smooth gameplay experience

You are alone with Ricardo in his maze. Your goal is to find all the drawings of Ricardo which will spawn the key to escape the maze. But beware, Ricardo is roaming this maze! If you sprint he can hear your steps so try to walk and look around every corner. Hopefully Ricardo is always playing his favorite song so you can always estimate his position. The closer he is,  the louder it gets. Also he runs a bit faster everytime you find a new drawing. However you can stun Ricardo with your flashlight. Light makes Ricardo dancing and gives you space to explore the maze. If your flashlight is running out of juice you can always find batteries scattered in the maze.


Navigation - W A S D

Pick up/Use items - E

Flashlight turn on/off - Left click

Sprint - Left shift 


  • Listen to Ricardo's music to check his position.
  • Don't overuse the flashlight.
  • You can stun Ricardo with the flashlight
  • Sprinting makes noise.
  • When you get all 7 drawings the key will spawn in the anvil. After that a door will appear in the room for you to escape.


version 1.0

  • Released.

version 1.1

  • Fixed Ricardo properly dancing when the player sprints and the flashlight is on.
  • Increased lighting in the maze.
  • Fixed some props placement.

version 1.2

  • New item added: Drugs : Makes you run and sprint faster.
  • Added flashlight model.
  • Fixed Ricardo climbing over barrels.

version 1.3

  • New enemy added: Mannequin: Look at them too many times and they will haunt you revealing your position to Ricardo.
  • Added more lighting.
  • Added wardrobes for later update.
  • Added notes for the player to read.

version 1.4

  • New item added: Ricardo's blood: Become invisible and invunerable to Ricardo. Lasts 30 seconds.
  • Flashlight now lasts 180 seconds from 60.
  • Added more notes for the player to read.

version 2.0

  • Revamped the UI of the game.
  • Fixed a bug when sprinting and using flashlight didn't work on Ricardo
  • Ricardo's song get's distorted the more drawings are collected.
  • Drawings now spawn in different spots every time the game starts. More random positions were added.

version 2.1

  • Removed the copyrighted version of Ricardo's song.

StatusIn development
Release date Dec 25, 2020
Made withUnity
Tags3D, Atmospheric, Dark Humor, First-Person, Funny, Horror, Meme, ricardo-milos, Short, Singleplayer
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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KKKK jogo ESTRANHO  MAIS ta tudo bem ne kkkk 


From google translate:

Obrigado por jogar o jogo!


thanks man thank you so much beauty and the FIRST TIME SOMEONE ANSWERS me thank you very much


thanks man thank you so much beauty and the FIRST TIME SOMEONE ANSWERS me thank you very much


thanks man thank you so much beauty and the FIRST TIME SOMEONE ANSWERS me thank you very much


Funny game! Loved it!

Thanks for trying the game. You played the very early version of the game which was a bit of a mess and lacked a lot of stuff but you actually managed to beat it so congratulations!


genius... I LIKE IT!!!

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it.

You Have a Devlog how to you make this game??

I don't have anything yet but I am still developing it. If you have any questions I can try and answer them though.

are you working with raycast to interact?

Yes, the player shoots a ray from the middle of the screen in order to interact with the items. Also Ricardo is using raycast to check if the player is visible to him or not.


Thanks  For Help      ; )


This game pretty fun. It got me good at one part LOL. Check it out tho really fun game.

Thanks for trying the game! I am still trying to put more stuff in the game so watching gameplay videos helps a lot. I don't know which version was this but I think there wasn't any pills in the game. If you find them they make you run faster. Also there are batteries for your flashlight in case you run out of power.


This was hilarious and manged to get a jumpscare out of me lmao  

Thanks for trying the game!I am still trying to get the lighting right and the flashlight battery level so watching people playing the game helps a lot. I will try to add more  interactable objects since this game was done in a week. Also yeah the flashlight is also used to stun Ricardo if he gets to close and the music helps you to understand if he is close or not.


The game is kinda hard cause flashlight dies super fast and it's almost impossible to see anything without it... But it's cool that it's not a regular horror and you added some humor to it. It's the third game in the vid... starts at 14:52


Oh wow thanks a lot for trying it means a lot. I know the game needs still a lot  of polish it was more of a troll game I did in a week. Ill try to rebalance the the flashlight and add more time propably or more batteries. Also yeah I think i need to add a bit more light to the maze. Thanks again for testing the game!